Natural Makeup Tips


Makeup tip for long lasting lip color: Outline lips with a lip pencil then fill in the center with the lip pencil. Cover with lip gloss or lip balm.

For a sexy lip look – Outline lips with a deep color lip liner pencil and fill in with a pinkish lip gloss.



Shown here: Island Spice Lip Liner and Hollywood Natural Lip Gloss




Makeup Tips for a sexy sun-kissed look – Brush Miessence Bronzing Dust gently across the bridge of nose, cheeks and across forehead.

Miessence Bronzing Dust

Miessence Bronzing Dust

For contouring – Miessence bronzer is great for contouring too. Emphasize cheekbones by brushing a little beneath checks. Contour nose to look more slender by brushing bronzer lightly onto sides of nose. Brush a line of bronzer just under the jawbone to accentuate the jaw line.




Mascara Application Tip: Apply a light coat and comb lashes with a mascara comb and let dry. Repeat as necessary applying only to the ends of lashes until desired result.

applying mascara

Applying Mascara

Natural Mascara

Natural Mascara


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