Gardening – Growing Green Beans and Peppers

I’ve been out and about taking pictures and thought I would share a couple of garden pics with you.

Green Beans

Green Beans

I wanted to show you how we grow our green beans . These are called pole beans and much easier on the back than bush beans.  There’s a bunch of varieties but I prefer Kentucky Wonders.  They are a heritage variety and easy to find.

We first set fence post and affix cattle panels before planting the beans and the beans climb the panels as they grow.  You can see a cattle panel sticking out on this end so you get the idea of what they look like.  The posts and panels are removed once frost hits the plants and kept to use next year. You can also use chicken wire but we prefer the cattle panels because they keep their shape and last forever.

We grow cucumbers the same way.



We’ve been loaded with peppers all summer long even with the 100 plus temps.  These are sweet banana peppers in the pic and we use them for just about anything.  We do have some bell peppers but the banana pepper seems to grow better for me so I will use them in recipes that call for bells.

We’ve been eating as many as we can and drying or giving away the rest.  It looks like they will continue to produce until first frost and hopefully that will be a couple of months away.

We had chickens in the garden up until a few days ago who have kept the weeds and any insects under control but just removed them so that we can plant fall veggies such as onions, lettuce, chard, etc.  Chickens and seedlings do not mix as the chickens will destroy the seedlings.

Happy Gardening!


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