If you know someone in need….

If you know someone in need….

We’re giving away four (4) $25 Soap for Goodness Sake gift cards!


Do you know an awesome person in need who deserves a little pampering?  We are giving away four $25 Soap for Goodness Sake gift cards one each to four deserving people.

All you need to do to enter is to leave a short comment about why they deserve it in the comments section of this post below:  You don’t need to leave a name.  We will contact you for their name and address privately so be sure to use your email address so we can contact you.

Winners will be selected randomly.  Post before December 18, 2013!  Winners will be announced December 19.

Nominees do have to be 18 years of age and have a US mailing address to enter. One entry per person please.

December 19, 2013 Update:

We have decided that all of the entries were so touching that every one of the entrants will receive a $25 gift card for their amazing person.

Our heartfelt thanks for taking the time to submit the awesome person you know into the drawing.  Your effort demonstrates how much compassion you have for others.  Your entrant deserves pampering and hopefully this will bring a little bit their way.  It is in our hope and prayers that 2014 bring good things to these families.

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  1. A friend took three months off full-time work to care for her husband who was critically injured in a bicycle accident involving an intoxicated driver. Her husband’s bicycling partner was killed in the same horrific accident. She has just recently begun working again in addition to caring for her husband who is now home. She has been severely traumatized through all this, has lost weight, and could use some real encouragement. Thank you.

  2. One of the receptionists at our vet’s office has been amazing in helping us deal with the passing of one of our pets. When we adopted a new cat a few weeks later, she recognized its picture in the paper as one of the adoptable pets of the week and saved the clipping for us so we’d have it for our records.

  3. My sister has been dealing with many, many medical issues that she recently found out are most likely caused by her last round of immunizations. She was going to school to be a nurse and needed extra immunizations to complete her clinicals and it all went haywire after that. She has not been able to work for over 2 years now and has been very “up and down” healthwise seeing different specialists and trying treatments. She has been doing a lot of research on how to heal herself and just one of the many ways she decided upon was to stop putting chemicals in and on her body. SGS was a great find and a very easy change for her to make – not to mention that it had a big impact! She introduced me to your soaps and I have ordered them as well. I would love to see her become the recipient of one of the gift certificates to help ease her burden just a bit.

  4. My sweet friend came into my life couple of months ago when I was going through a tough time. A week ago she had to fly to a different city because her husband was in urgent care; he needed surgery and the doctors did not know if he was going to survive the procedure. For more than a week my friend has been with her husband in the hospital. He made it through the surgery but is non responsive. She is far from home, far from any friends and family and the situation looks more grim every day…

  5. My mom was arthirithis and diabities for the last 3 years. I t would really mean a lot if she could use all natural products. She’s a really good person and the best mom ever, This would really make her happy if she wins. I hope you’ll understand of my situation. Thankyou!

  6. My wonderful dad has an gut sticking out and he has to start using organic products so it would really help us out. We are going through a hard economic time.
    If I won these, I would really appreciate it because my family is going through a hard time. Both of my parent s are sick and we need to start using organic and natural products. I t would really mean a lot if we won this.. Thankyou!


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