Hot Springs Bathhouse Soap

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We make our Hot Springs Bathhouse soap with Hot Springs thermal spring water from Hot Springs, Arkansas! This water is taken from natural thermal waters which flow from springs of Hot Springs Mountain. The spring water reaches the surface from a watershed 4,400 years earlier and is said to be some of the cleanest and purest on earth. This spring water has been popularly believed for centuries to possess medicinal and healing properties.

 This soap is sweetly and refreshingly scented with ylang ylang essential oil with a dash of fir and peppermint for refreshment. It’s made with sustainable organic palm kernel oil which makes a hard bar of soap that lasts longer and a luxurious silky lather.

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil – #High in nutrients #Protects #Rejuvenates

avocado_oil_soap_ (2)Need I say more?


This is the first wall going up on the new shop. Once the shop is finished we will be moving to our new location. We are so excited to be moving to beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas. We will keep you updated!

first wall

Fun Soap Facts – Lavender

Lavender is one of the oldest scents in the fragrance world. Amazingly, it is used in more men’s products than women’s and has maintained the status as most popular soap scent for centuries.

Queen Elisabeth loved lavender and encouraged lavender farms in England (oh, and thank you!). The queen used it as perfume and to treat headaches.


Author Publishes Auto-Immune Disease Self-Healing Book

by Ginny Chandoha

Ginny Chandoha was diagnosed in 2009 with a rare and incurable auto-immune disease, Lichen Sclerosis, but within eight months had fully resolved and recovered from it.

“I refused to allow an auto-immune disease to become a part of my life and that started my search for possible causes and a way to cure myself,” she states, “and what I learned changed my life.”

lichen_sclerosis_bookPrompted by her physician to write the book, her journey from diagnosis to full recovery is described in Lichen Sclerosis: Beating the Disease. Ginny believes that the contents “Can benefit people on many levels including those with chronic illnesses, those that are healthy and wish to remain so, and for health care professionals who want to do more to help their patients with chronic illnesses, and illness in general.”

In the book’s Foreword by Dr. Steven Coward, he writes: “Its content is vast, deep, and well-researched…It’s one of those books every health care provider should read, and that everyone would benefit from reading…”

“For years I thought I was doing everything right,” she continued. “I took my vitamins regularly, ate lots of salads, did the things most everyone considers healthy. I was shocked to discover that my vitamins were 100% synthetic and not readily absorbed by the human body, products I used daily contained heavy metals that studies found were absorbed into the body and concentrated in malignant tumors. I had to examine everything I had previously taken for granted for my entire life and make health changing adjustments. I put everything I learned into the book.”

In her book Ginny details the healing protocol she developed. “There are many facets to the healing protocol,” she explained. “In trying to regain health most people focus on food, but there are many other things that contribute to illness that are routinely overlooked. For example, a chemical found in most of our every day products accumulates in our body and destroys the protein structure of our skin cells, which is a precursor to skin cancer. While the healing protocol addresses the obvious contributors to illness, most importantly it eliminates these toxic accumulations and helps the body heal itself on a cellular level.”

What makes Lichen Sclerosis: Beating the Disease stand apart from other self-help books is that it includes case studies she personally worked with who fully regained their health by following the recommendations and healing protocol that are discussed in depth in her book.

“The case studies include both genders and range in age from very young to adult, and in each instance the case studies had seen multiple doctors for various ailments, and had been on multiple prescriptions without relief. After following the recommendations and healing protocol as described in the book, they are fully recovered and, like myself, have remained healthy and disease-free for over 4 years,” the author said.

Lichen Sclerosis: Beating the Disease is a print-on-demand paperback available online at and Barnes &, and is also available in Europe and Australia.

About the Author
In addition to the release of Lichen Sclerosis: Beating the Disease, Ginny Chandoha is a published writer whose short stories have appeared in The Staying Sane book series by DeCapo Press. Having spent many years in the publishing industry, she was a contributing editor of several travel trade publications and has published several health articles for Soap For Goodness Sake. She and her husband live in northern New England and organically raise chickens and grow their own organic vegetables.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

September 2014

Bathhouse Row – Hot Springs, Arkansas

Most of the bathhouses in Hot Springs were built around the turn of the last century at the height of spa popularity.  Situated in the Ouachita mountains, the bathhouses are sitting above hot springs that were known for their healing spring waters.  Today, many of the bathhouses have been transformed into restaurants and visitor centers.

Buckstaff Bathhouse - Bathhouse Row - Hot Springs, ArkansasBuckstaff Bathhouse – Bathhouse Row – Hot Springs, Arkansas – The Buckstaff Bathhouse which originally opened in 1912, is the only remaining operational bathhouse in Hot Springs.

  Bath HouseThe Quapaw Bathhouse – Bathhouse Row – Hot Springs, Arkansas. The Quapaw was originally opened in 1922.  It was named after a local Indian tribe.

Bath House

Bathhouse on Bathhouse Row – Hot Springs, Arkansas


Bath House

Bathhouse on Bathhouse Row – Hot Springs, Arkansas

2014.09.22- Bath House Row - Hot Springs 011 Superior Bathhouse on Bathhouse Row – Hot Springs, Arkansas.  This one is now a restaurant and Brewery. Only root beer is brewed here at this time.  Nice place to grab a bite or have a drink while people watching.

Downtown - Bath House Row - Shopping and places to eat - Hot Springs, Arkansas

Downtown – Bathhouse Row – Shopping and places to eat – Hot Springs, Arkansas

2014.09.21-Spring and Walking Path on the mount above the Bath Houses -Hot Springs 012 (2)

Spring by the walking trail – Hot Springs, Arkansas

It was actually a good workout just to get up the hill to the walking path.  Gravity is very noticeable on the way up.  I need to do that about 10 times a day.

2014.09.21- Spring on the mount above the Bath Houses flowing into a pool below-Hot Springs 015

Spring running down the hill into a pool – Hot Springs, Arkansas

The hot springs in this area are still very much active in downtown Hot Springs.  There is a public fountain were you can fill your cup or your jugs with the springs water.  We met a couple filling gallon jugs with spring water to take back home declaring it is the best water you could ever drink.  The water is directed to underground tanks to cool before it is sent to the public fountain.  We were told that the water comes out of the ground hot enough to burn your skin so it must be cooled before it is ready for the public fountain. Next trip I will be sure to take a picture of the public fountain.

2014.09.21-Walking Path on the mount above the Bath Houses - Hot Springs 013

Walking Trails – Hot Springs, Arkansas


Lake Ouachita near Hot Springs, Arkansas

2014.09.21-Laker Ouachita from Dam-Hot Springs 037 (2)

Lake Ouachita – Hot Springs, Arkansas


2014.09.21-River from Lake Ouachita DamHot Springs 036 (2)

River Below Lake Ouachita (runs into Lake Hamilton) Hot Springs, Arkansas


Natural Woman: Natural and Organic Makeup – See How It Looks

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Reasons that top the list for using natural and organic makeup are that they are better for your skin as well as being better for the environment. Nontoxic skin care products are a healthier choice for your skin and allow you to look and feel your best.

Using top-quality makeup is key to achieving a great look. Here, Lisa is modeling some of our products so that you can get an idea of what the cosmetics will look like on.

Natural and Organic Makeup

She starts by cleansing and moisturizing her face with Exactly Organics face cleanser and moisturizer. She then gives her skin a bit of a boost by applying Miessence Organic Balancing Skin Conditioner.


For foundation, Lisa begins with applying Miessence Honey Translucent Foundation (liquid) which offers sheer coverage. For concealer around the eyes she uses Ecco Bella FlowerColor Cover Up in Beige. Next, she applies Ecco Bella FlowerColor Face Powder in the color Fair which offers a medium coverage and smoothes the look. To contour, she uses a little darker shade of Face Powder in Light. You can also use a bronzer to contour.

For the colors Lisa is wearing:

Ecco Bella FlowerColor Powder Eyeliner in Ivy applied with a wet liner brush


Ecco Bella FlowerColor Eye Shadow in Deep Taupe in the crease and blended

 +eccobella_shimmer_dust_120Ecco Bella FlowerColor Shimmer Dust in Star to highlight


Ecco Bella FlowerColor Powder Eyeliner in brown to fill in the brows


Ecco Bella Burgundy Rose


Ecco Bella FlowerColor Lipstick in Peach Frost


Finished off with Ecco Bella Botanicals Flower Color Natural Mascara in black

 Lisa commented that she likes the Ecco Bella blush, eye shadows, and powder liners better than other mineral/natural makeups. The color pigments are richer and take less to put on. They also hold their color throughout the day.

You can find these products at

Be Inspired. Create a color pallet to fit your own unique style.

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